Bladie Who?

Awards N’ Such

-2017 Miss Hot Mess (The Lodgies)

-2018 Master of Tassels DC Burlypicks (Washington, DC)

-2018 Miss Deadly Diva (Boonsboro, MD)

-2022 RVA Burlesque Festival (Richmond, VA)

-2023 Fierce Fest – Queer Performing arts Festival (Columbus, OH)

-2023 Our Universe (Roanoke,VA)

Performer Bio

Lady Bladie is Frederick, Maryland’s brash beauty. She is a drag and burlesque entertainer, model, windup doll, balloon artist and all around hot mess.  Armed with drag inspiration and unapologetic confidence this harlot aims to captivate her audience with her unique special blend of glitter and garbage. She is “Delightfully Crude”, in the cute and charming kind of way! Crowned the 2018 Deadly Diva, Lady Bladie is the dazzling dumpster fire you don’t want to miss!

More Fun Useless Facts

Hi friends!
I am a Pansexual Queen who happens to do Burlesque. I describe what I do more as Draglesque then anything else. My burlesque hero is Dirty Martini, and my Drag Idols can all be found inside the walls of The Lodge. But If I had to pick a “famous queen” I would have to go with Jynx Monsoon.

I have Kallmann syndrome, which has made life and performing in general interesting. Feel free to look it up, but the TL:DR is that i never went thru puberty (till recently), and I cant smell. I started performing completely flat chested, and thanks to modern science im fighting thru the effect of KS. Go Me!

I am a nerd for all things Disney! I love dogs and make up, and probably can beat you in a trivia battle about the show The Office & Boy Meets World. Try me…. I have a thing for tattoos, and an affinity for the occult. I make, trade, and collect Enamel Pins. I spend my days pretending to be Sailor Moon, and attempting to make my yard look nice (even though i cant keep plants alive to save my life). I am a new Mommy to a small Prince Baby and a House/show mom to many (HAUS OF BLADIE)

I can be seen most nights on or off stage at The Lodge. I have a hand in the planning and execution of my Local Pride Events. I am the Co-founder and Producer of the Super awesome troupe Honeybee Burlesque.

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